I Love making Happy Memories for my Family!

Raising my family on the acreage my father grew up on. I love making happy memories, taking lots of photos, and digital scrapbooking.

Monday, February 28, 2011


Well, I think I started too soon! I should have done some more investigating, etc. before starting my own blog.  There is a lot more to learn than I thought! I had kinda put the blog thing on the back burner for now, but people have told me..."I am following you and haven't seen any new posts lately!".  So, I feel I should post something "life altering" like my cousin, Katie does.  However, my mind right now can actually best be described as "Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs".  Kenley has requested hamballs for supper tomorrow night, but I don't think I have hamloaf and I just never plan ahead!  I have always thought that I was pretty "techy" when it came to computers, etc. but I have to say, I am feeling pretty stupid (I know, we aren't supposed to say that word, but my kids can't read it yet anyway) when it comes to computers lately!  I need documents on the family computer, but it has different software that isn't compatible with my laptop. I e-mail docs back and forth, but then can't edit them on the correct computer, etc.  We had a productive weekend and I was totally prepared for the week ahead.  However, by tonight, I'm just plain tired, cloudy, and quite disappointed by the announcement of who is going to be on the next Dancing With the Stars. LOL! At least tomorrow is a new day, the start of a new month, spring is nearing and my "cloudy" mind will hopefully clear by morning. 

Monday, February 21, 2011


The battery on my laptop is already shot and I have only had it for like 10 months! That is not so good news for a NEW BLOGGER!

Blog Hog

Well....this is a BIG step for me! I feel that I have kinda been a "blog hog" on Facebook while never even attempting to set up a "blog"!  Now, I can combine all of the things "On Mommy's Mind" in one place! Those that want to follow my ramblings can, and those who don't want to, don't have to! Please bear with me as I learn about this process and huge thanks to Katie Olthoff with "On the Banks of Squaw Creek" for her inspiration! Thanks for listening to what is on "Mommy's Mind"!