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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Not Your Ordinary Joe!


Most of you have seen the amazing photos that were taken of our family by Joe Ehrecke of 706 Photography.  I am still simply amazed by the absolutely great time our kids had with Joe taking photos at our home AND with the PRICELESS photos that he captured!!


706 Photography’s photos have been on display at the Café Diem in downtown Ames, IA since April 9th and I have been meaning to blog to tell you all to stop in and take a peek.  I just did this myself today and was completely overwhelmed seeing my kids on the walls larger than life while probably 25-30 people were enjoying themselves inside the quaint coffee shop.  I walked in, looked around and walked back out with a few tears in my eyes.  I hope to take the kids in to see them before they come down this coming Sunday (5/8).  Christie Vilsack also held a gathering at Café Diem yesterday with over 100 in attendance!


Once again, I encourage you to check out Joe’s website at www.706photography.com.I also encourage you to visit Café Diem in Ames before Sunday when the photos will be removed.  At a later date, they will be on display at the Café Diem in Ankeny location. 



Thanks to Joe and 706 Photography!!!

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