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Monday, March 7, 2011

No more Hiatus for my DREAM Oasis!


Ok….I have always LOVED dreaming about home design, watching HGTV, etc.  I have NEVER been given the opportunity to really “design” something for my own home, however.  Well….I take that back….little projects, but nothing like this! We are really making progress on our master bedroom suite addition which we started nearly 2 years ago!  It has been on “hiatus” due to lack of money and lack of time to devote to it.  We are now on a roll and I can see the end in sight!  I am having SO much fun picking out materials!!!  It is stressful as my husband and I are not very good at making decisions and Mike admits he cannot “envision” what things will look like finished.

Back on November 27th, we visited the “Tile Shop” in Urbandale and I fell in love with some glass tile.  We spent a LONG time trying to find other flooring, trim pieces, etc. and thought we came to a decision.  We got a quote from them and it was much more than Mike had expected.  So, again….HIATUS!  Saturday, we packed up both kids, lunches and snacks, and headed to Des Moines with a mission of making decisions!  Well, we were gone most of the day….POOR KIDS…..but we got SO  much accomplished!  We went to the “Tile Shop” and bought the glass tile we loved. 

It was expensive, but Mike promised me “the moon” when we moved out here and everything has kinda fallenl through, so this was our one splurge.  We then went to “The Flooring Warehouse” just down Hickman Rd.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!!! We have gone there MANY, MANY times in the past and they are VERY HELPFUL AND EXTREMELY REASONABLY PRICED!  We got our floor tile (at more than half the price at the Tile Shop), plus BEAUTIFUL carpet for our bedroom and closet, with pad ALL FOR THE SAME PRICE that we were quoted at the Tile Shop!  Therefore, we basically got $1100 worth of carpet for free (if you look at it on the bright side). 

We then went to Lowes and got sink vanity top, toilet, towel bars, etc. so pretty much everything is purchased!!!  I MUST add that while at Lowes, BOTH kids had to go to the bathroom twice so I was in there 4 times just for the short bit we were there.  Ugh!!!

I am SO PUMPED and trying to be patient waiting for everything to fall into place!  I’ve included some photos!  The ceilings are painted and Mike got the walls in the bathroom  painted last night (with a little help from Kenley).

Now…..Remember me asking a while back about what to use to fill my lamps?  Here is one of our lamps.  Mike had these when we got together and I admit they are not very fun/trendy, but he is all about saving $ and I KNOW he won’t let me buy new lamps!

Yes…..these are like 20 years old and STILL HAVE THE PLASTIC ON THE SHADE!!!! Below, are the items I have purchased to fill these lamp bases and use in other containers in the bathroom to tie everything together.  I think they match really well!  Oh this is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUN!  I could use help though on HOW exactly to put these in the vases so it doesn’t look too “hodge-podge”??

SO…..what do ya’ll think????


  1. ooh! I love it! LOVE the colors and the tile! I'm jealous of your new bathroom!

    I'm not sure how to do the lamps...I guess I'd probably just start experimenting!

  2. I am excited FOR you Amy!! Very cool tile. I love blues and grays and naturals. I would mix the bags of big rocks (upper left corner and lower right) I would keep the smaller (upper right stones)together...altho my eyes aren't working all that well yet since I got hurt. So...
    I'm sure you will do great putting stuff together. Congrats!!

  3. Kathy -- since you got hurt???? I must have missed something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS -- In these photos, it looks kinda like blues and greens that don't go together, but in actuality, they are all the same hue of a greenish blue that blend nicely together....does that make sense?

  4. Shoot! We could have picked up some rocks for you down at the creek! ;-) I like the rocks, but be careful putting them in the glass base! Just experiment and see what you get. You can always try a different approach later. HAVE fun and enjoy your new room!

  5. Looks good Amy...How about using some moss in with the rocks. I would put some in the bottom of the containers and then add rocks and maybe some funky branches. You could even incorporate some scrapbooking on the branches with some words or paper leaves on the branches, or even some black and white photos thrown in. I can see it in my head anyway?!!! Keep up the good work...what a relaxing place it will be when you are all done!! Sounds like you have been patiently waiting...I am not very good at waiting or waiting patiently :0)

  6. Love what you picked out!

    Since Mike won't let you get whole new lamps, maybe you can just get new shades, like maybe a light tan or something along those lines as an accent to the blues/greens in the stones, that way it's not all the same shades all over. If that makes sense? Target has some really neat lampshades (at least when I moved to this apartment they did...i got a neat tan one that has speckles)