I Love making Happy Memories for my Family!

Raising my family on the acreage my father grew up on. I love making happy memories, taking lots of photos, and digital scrapbooking.

Monday, February 21, 2011


The battery on my laptop is already shot and I have only had it for like 10 months! That is not so good news for a NEW BLOGGER!


  1. Just stay close to your plug-in!

  2. Next - go to www.feedburner.com and enter your address. Then, under "publicize" there is a thing that says email subscriptions. Scroll down and choose the "blogger widget" thingy and go from there. That way, people (like maybe Dawn?) can also get your posts by email, not just facebook or here!

    Make sure you have your email linked up to receive comments - then you can email people back when they comment.

    And get rid of the funny word thing.

    Yay, this is so fun!

  3. I'm totally dependent on my electric cord and how far it will reach! With the next lap top, I swear I will charge my battery and then take it out!

    Welcome to the Bloggy World. Have fun learning about yourself and others. Can't wait to hear more!