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Saturday, April 23, 2011



This story TOTALLY CRACKED ME UP and I think Lila's daycare teachers will get a kick out of it too!  My husband neglected to share this funny story with me until tonight at my niece's birthday party!

Last Friday, Mike took Lila with him to a doctor's appointment.  They were waiting in the waiting area and Lila picked up a magazine, he thinks US World News or something like that.  She started flipping through the pages and he asked her what she was looking for.  She proudly told him.....TRANSPORTATION!  She proceeded to find a bus and said...."See a bus....TRANSPORTATION!".  Then, she found a boat and said...."See a boat....TRANSPORTATION!".  Then, a car and she said....."TRANSPORTATION!". 

I found this just HILARIOUS!!!

Then, I remembered one of the papers that she brought home from daycare the other day!

Lila Transportation

See……she really is learning!!!!!!!

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  1. How does the kid come up with "sailboat" as her favorite kind of transportation???? LoL