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Friday, September 30, 2011

We Learned a lot at Open House!


Thursday night was Open House at Kenley’s school. I took some photos so that any of you who wanted to see what he was learning about could have a peek as well!

This is Kenley’s 1st Grade Teacher, Mrs. Cushman.  This is her first year at Page as she had taught 5th grade previously. She has taught 1st grade in the past, however!  Kenley seems to love her and she is absolutely WONDERFUL at keeping us informed with what the kids are working on in the classroom!

I seriously don’t know how these little kids can learn so much!!  It amazes me though how he seems to be so eager to learn things and he really does seem to be improving at reading! He has weekly spelling tests on Friday.  Last week’s he didn’t do so well on, so I think we didn’t work with him enough at home.  Guess we’ll have to start “playing school” again soon!


One of Kenley’s friends brought in a Praying Mantis.  It laid an egg sac this week and then apparently died.  There were lots of other insects there to see as well!


We also got to look through his journal which they write in daily.  They had one “published” journal entry which we particularly liked!

We also learned about what they are learning in Math, which is Kenley’s favorite subject.

Here is where Kenley sits and inside his locker!

We also went to see his Art teacher and Music Teacher who share a room. I wish I would have gotten photos of them as well!

These are Kenley’s classmates!  His face is on the far left. 

Out in the hallway, they had drawn photos of themselves.  We found his.  Grandma Sherry says, what is this?  I expected him to say “ME”, but he instead said, “A self-portrait”!

It was a very fun night and our whole family learned a lot! Thanks to Mrs. Cushman for welcoming us to the classroom! 1st Grade is FUN!

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